Enterprise My Panel Manager

Multifunctional systems offer many wideranging features such as Scan-to-Email and Fax functions. Not all employees in a company use these functions to the same extent. This is where My Panel, the server based software, can help users with their various needs and system requirements. My Panel allows the users to individually configure the operating panel to their own requirements and create their own address books. The advantages are fast and intuitive access to the system’s functions showing those features chosen by the individual user. Selection and input times are reduced while the productivity of the individual user is enhanced.


What makes My Panel Manager so special?

Controlled user access and rights of use are of vital importance when considering the economics and operation of digital multifunctional systems.

Authentication Manager, a further member of the Enterprise Suite, establishes individual user access rights and accounts. However, when the user logs into the system, why should the ineo not immediately respond to the user’s individual requirements? After all, computers and mobile phones respond to the user’s defaults.

Time is money, and the possibilities offered by My Panel Manager to configure the panel settings via the server help users feel more comfortable with the system immediately after logging in. This could be the case in a logistics or sales department for instance, where the entire list of fax and scan addresses can be daunting for the individual user.

My Panel Manager automatically activates the user’s defaults upon registration, showing only the user’s own personal address book, and if required combined with a photograph/image for easier recognition. In addition, individual shortcuts give the user direct access to pre-configured copy, scan and fax functions without the necessity of going through the various menus.

Furthermore, it is possible to create predefined panel profiles for new users which makes relevant settings such as departments address book automatically available. This shortens the users adjustment period and saves valuable time for the IT-Administrators, as it avoids having to configure each new panel profile.

In order to avoid failures in the devices use and the related requirement of administrational help, it can also limit or disable permissions for panel changes to enforce binding panel settings which are adapted to the field of business activity the user works in.
Both the IT manager or user can set the individual operating panel configuration.

What My Panel Manager offers

  • Individual address book with a photo of addressee (requires exp. memory 512 MB)
  • Users can update/amend their own address book
  • User Settings:
    • Colour options
    • Show start menu (copy, box, scan/fax)
    • Language
    • Measuring unit (mm/inch)
  • Two shortcuts per window in copy, fax/scan
  • Shortcuts to favourites in a separate menu frame (order details)
  • Many individual and varied counter reading assessments for both users and accounts are possible with the use of the Account Manager option, a further module in the Enterprise Suite
  • Personalised setups can be activated via the IT administrator or the individual registered user
  • User setups can also be activated for workgroup use
  • Predefined profiles for new users
  • Binding profiles through limitations of changing rights
  • “User batch setting” allows the setting for several users at the same time