Personal Share

Focus on the essential: your project


The direct line between MFP and Microsoft SharePoint

For companies that work across different sites or on specific projects, Microsoft SharePoint has long since proved itself to be an effective tool: when it comes to exchanging information and processing documents, it is no longer necessary to go round the houses, as all users involved have a direct point of access – now from the multifunctional system, too.

Microsoft SharePoint is convenient, uncomplicated and right up to date! Only the process of filing scanned documents to SharePoint libraries remained reminiscent of an obstacle course. Up to now, it seemed the only way to get there was to go via a PC, with numerous accompanying clicks. But no more! Because Personal Share from DEVELOP enables the user to send documents straight from the MFP to any SharePoint destination, getting rid of the superfluous administration at a stroke.


Personal Share establishes a direct link between MS SharePoint and the DEVELOP multifunctional system. After authentication on the system, documents can be directly scanned into the relevant project folder belonging to the SharePoint installation. Equally, all settings can be configured on the display of the MFP: be it naming the document, selecting the scan destination or other detailed settings. The reverse route is also possible with Personal Share. Documents can therefore be accessed and printed out from the SharePoint environment on the MFP itself. Authenticated users have immediate access to their project folders, and the integrated preview function helps when it comes to selecting the right document. After that, all the print settings can be conveniently configured on the system and the print job started.

Benefits at a glance

  • Efficient use of MS SharePoint
    Save yourself the effort of sending documents to your desktop PC and scan them directly to your SharePoint project. That cuts out several manual steps and thus takes much less time.
  • Independence from the IT infrastructure
    Personal Share makes efficient use of the available IT resources. It can be installed on the same server that MS SharePoint is located on. There is no need for further investments and the administration costs are kept low.
  • A plus for the environment
    The integrated document preview on the MFP display allows you to look at the first page of the document before printing. That gives you a quick overview and also helps you to avoid duplicate or incorrect printouts.