Personal Scan

Convenient delivery of scanned documents


Convenient delivery of scanned documents*

In businesses where documents frequently need to be digitised and sent to various destinations, e.g. logistics companies, a simple solution for the delivery of scanned documents can be worth its weight in gold. After all, every single step you avoid saves time and increases workflow efficiency.

An efficient solution is naturally one that can be implemented at your multifunctional ineo printing system itself.

Personal Scan is just such a solution. This small, server-based
application makes convenient scanning to any destination pulled from the Windows Active Directory possible. In this directory users can see which folders they are authorised to use and can ac cess their address book. The advantages are obvious: documents can be scanned and sent to the recipient without the risk of input errors since every address is selected straight from the address book. Other benefits of Personal Scan include great value for money and ease of use.


Personal Scan is a small application that allows you to forward scanned documents quickly and easily to any destination listed in the Windows Active Directory - and that from any DEVELOP multifuntctional printing system with Open API, a DEVELOP specific application programme interface. Once you have successfully authenticated yourself at the device, you can access your address book via the Windows Active Directory as well as all directories you have authorised access to.

Benefits for the user

  • Convenient scanning and delivery of documents pulled from the Active Directory:
  • Error rate reduction: no manual input of addresses needed
  • Time saved: every user has access to their own address book and directories

Users are not the only ones to profit from Personal Scan. This server-based application also offers network administrators several benefits – besides simple installation and maintenance.

Benefits for the administrator

  • Time savings through centralised administration of users and user rights: the administrator defines which directories can be accessed by which users, authorises access to the corresponding directories, and can easily and efficiently update address books via the Active Directory
  • Control over storage volume by determining scan settings: the administrator can predefine the file type, the scan resolution and even decide whether to scan in colour or b&w

* on any OpenAPI-capable ineo printing system