ineo connector apps

As more and more businesses change to cloud services to achieve greater agility, flexibility and worker mobility, one connectivity issue has become critical: Can office workers conveniently connect up to a multifunctional device to print documents from or scan them to a smartphone or tablet using a cloud-based service? As the answer has often been no, DEVELOP now offers three ineo connector apps to solve this connectivity problem.


Take your ineo system into the clouds

The three most popular cloud services in the office environment – Google AppsTM, Evernote® and Microsoft SharePoint® – have many advantages but one serious drawback: inconvenience in printing or scanning. The three custom-developed ineo connector apps solve all the connectivity problems and offer the following business critical benefits:

  • Direct access to cloud services from the panel of an ineo device
  • Single sign-on functionality to log into the ineo system and the cloud service with one swipe of a credentials card
  • Significant time savings through seamless cloud connectivity

Key performing features

Each ineo connector app offers smartphone and tablet users practical benefits in their everyday office work:

Google Apps

  • Scanned documents can be stored in a Google DriveTM account
  • PDF or Google documents can be previewed and printed from that account
  • Mails can be printed from and documents scanned to a Google MailTM account


  • Paper-based notes/sketches can be scanned to a user's Evernote notebook
  • Notes can be previewed and printed in an Evernote account directly from your ineo device

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Users enjoy direct access to SharePoint sites, workspaces and document libraries from the ineo operating panel
  • Documents can be previewed and printed from any SharePoint location
  • Documents can be scanned and sent to a user's SharePoint workspace or any other SharePoint location directly from your ineo account

Benefits for the user

Maximise operational efficiency

These apps provide a timesaving connection between ineo devices and popular cloud services. The apps avoid timewasting detours via PCs, the detour most users of multifunctional systems need to take - for example to scan document to their e-mail account, they need to go to their desktop PC, open their e-mail client, download the document and upload it to the cloud service. The ineo connector apps enable documents to be scanned and uploaded direct to a cloud service in a single step. Documents can also be conveniently printed out from a multifunctional system's display. This way, ineo connector apps let you concentrate on more important tasks than spending time handling documents.

Login once, access all

Simply logging into a multifunctional system is often an inconvenient process. To access the system you have to enter your credentials, and then do the same for the cloud service you want. DEVELOP avoids this timewasting process by offering Single Sign-On functionality. This means you only need to log in once to access all the cloud services you want – with no need to enter and authenticate yourself over and over again. Nothing could be more convenient.