Document Suite

Most offices, and especially small and medium-sized ones, find it difficult to improve document workflows, particularly in processes such as capturing, converting, routing and managing documents in a paper or PDF format. The DEVELOP Document Suite solves this problem. Easily integratable into common business processes, this software solution consists of three desktop applications for simple personalized scanning and document management.


The easy way to improve your document workflows

The DEVELOP Document Suite is a user-friendly scanning platform and desktop-based software tool that saves office users time and effort in carrying out the routine tasks of creating, organizing, combining, searching and converting PDF files or other data formats. The scanning platform enables easy document capture, conversion and routing straight from DEVELOP's ineo multifunctional devices. The desktop management software helps to manage PDF documents and other files.

Key performing features

  • Information from hard copy documents can be scanned, captured and converted, indexed and stored into the appropriate electronic file formats and locations straight from an ineo multifunctional device
  • Files can be easily converted into different, and even searchable, formats straight from the desktop thanks to the Suite's OCR engine and software
  • Depending on the type of document, the user can define a personalized workflow (including scan-to destinations, conversion format and routing instructions) that can be executed straight from an ineo multifunctional printer
  • PDF documents and other document files can be edited, commented, highlighted, secured and merged from a desktop PC – to improve document collaboration and streamline communication processes

How you benefit

  • Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to structure content, create document workflows and manage documents, or content from a desktop management tool
  • No more need for users to re-type or re-create the content of hard copy documents or PDF files
  • Time saved through automatic conversion of PDF files to nearly any document file format (MS Office):
    o Documents can still be used in their original formats as their source is not changed
    o Creation of professional-looking PPTs or other files from PDF originals
  • Easy creation of personalised and normal scanning menus at a multifunctional device so every user enjoys a personalised touchscreen and can modify the scanning menu at any time without IT support – on all multifunctional devices
  • Simple workflow for “one-button” filing and document conversion scenario
  • Huge time and money savings and increased efficiency thanks to streamlined document and collaboration workflows and document-based processes
  • Comprehensive solution that is easy to install, understand and operate